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How to work and stay in Singapore for the long term?

Singapore continues to welcome foreigners to contribute economically and socially in this country however the approval process is stringent and based on the decisions of the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. Getting a long term work/business and stay visa issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower becomes more complex as the Singapore government continues to revise their policies in order to maintain the delicate fine balance between local and foreign manpower.

thealpha how to work and stay in Singapore

The Singapore Long Term Work and Stay Visas

The Singapore Government issues the required legal Employment Pass to relevantly experienced and preferably well-educated professionals, managers & executives so that these foreign friends may work or do business and stay in Singapore for a reasonable period of time. Our consultants are able to assist your company to achieve your corporate needs in getting the right pass for the right foreign staffs.

There are many types of Work Visas. The most popular and beneficial type is termed Employment Pass which seeks to cater to every category of professional or foreigners more effectively as well as to distribute the benefits of bringing their family members to Singapore more justly.

As the Singapore Government do revise their policies regularly, do approach our consultants in order to match your business or individual needs so that you will be able to work, stay and do business in Singapore continuously with the most minimal of disruptions.


Eligibility Criteria and Requirements For Securing a Long Term Singapore Work and Stay Visa (including doing successful renewals)

Most long term Singapore work and stay visas or mainly Employment Passes will be issued by the Singapore Government only if there is a real offer from a Singapore-based company.

Some Requirements for the Business Owner (Employer):

  • Offered Job positions have to be advertised in the Singapore job market for at least 2 weeks to ensure that the Singaporeans are given a fair chance consider and to be considered for the offered job before the employer opt for a foreign talent. The employer may have to substantiate the preference of employing a foreigner. Here is where our business consultants will be able to step in and increase the chances of your application/s approvals.
  • Business owners must ensure that his business is a well-established company based in Singapore (the official office bearers of the company, the paid-up capital as well as directorship must be clearly registered with the Singapore government).

Requirements for the employee:

  • Foreign Professional should preferably hold a diploma or (and) a degree issued by a well-recognised university (college).
  • Employee must argue at least 3 years of occupation-related expertise.
  • Foreigner is expected to import valuable skills that are in demand on the Singapore job market.
  • Offered salary must match the suitable work pass; i.e. EP, WP or PEP (more experienced and educated employees should be offered higher salaries).
  • Employee’s international passport must be valid. While Nationality is not a crucial factor in the application, there may still be other factors that hinder the successful application. A rejected application will certainly be stored in the ever efficient Singapore Government’s computer system together with the information and documents submitted hence it is crucial that the right documents and information are used for each submission.

    Other factors such as company’s track record, employee’s impeccable employment profile and age also affect the work pass application results. Higher educational qualifications do not necessary simply guarantee you the much needed work visa approvals the assessment considerations of each application in every case in complex and pull up weak points by preparing an exhaustive documentation.

Features and Benefits of Singapore Business/Work and Stay Visa

  • This Visa fits all nationalities (no citizenship restrictions like, for example, for the Work Permit).
  • There is no need of levy for this visa holder.
  • This visa is bound to a specific hiring company; if the employee would like to swap jobs, a new work pass will be needed. Only the employer (or the accredited agency on the employer’s behalf) is authorised to lodge the EP application.
  • The Visa (which we equipped our clients; companies to obtain) typically allows the pass holder to bring their immediate family to stay and live in Singapore.
  • Our business consultation goals will also pave the way for the first time pass holder to consider other options of staying in Singapore for a longer term so long the conditions of operating a business entity such as provision of employment opportunities to Singaporeans are in place.
  • Experienced business owners without high educational qualifications can be eligible for this long term Business/Work and Stay visa too.

Why Only Engage Local Consultants?

The constant updates and implementation of government policies and other regulations make the process of the getting the long term business/work and stay visa nerve-wrecking, tedious, challenging and time-consuming. Many foreign friends from all the world will like to relocate to Singapore for business or work but only the most suitable candidates will get approval for their desired long term vias. One’s work experience, professional background, professional achievements, work skills, economic and social contribution and etc…may be taken in to considerations.

You should always and only engage country’s local consultants who know their own country’s government policies, rules, expectations and the labour laws their own local job market. Local consultants are able to assess your skills objectively and represent your skills in an outstanding manner.

Our TheAlpha local consultants will provide good business advice and sound reasoning when handling your required works. In addition, we make available our first contact with you at absolutely at no cost. Let us do a FREE assessment for you and tailor make a Visa solution that will help you get your intended long term Singapore business/work and stay Visa.

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